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Waxing, Tuning & Repairs

Image by Yann Allegre

Waxing Tuning And Repairs are now offered In Leeming, Western Australia, Flight Snowboards tuning and repair services cater to the greater Perth metropolitan area. Therefor, If your Ski’s or Snowboard are looking and feeling dull we can spruce them up with an edge tune and hot wax which will have you flying down the slopes giving you more time on the mountain and less time having them serviced on your holiday!

Please remove snowboard bindings prior to dropping your board off for a service as they take up valuable space in our service racks, Thank you for understanding!

For more information regarding why its important to wax your snowboard check out this article.

Workshop Services

Ski edge sharpen and tuning
Snowboard and Ski summer storage wax
Ptex base fill
Starting from $15
Snowboard edge sharpen and tuning
Snowboard and Ski edge detuning
Snowboard and Ski standard hot wax, scrape and polish
Waxing Tuning and Repairs

Please check out our Custom snowboard side of the business. more importantly, feel free to visit our home page and our shop page where we offer custom designed snowboards, digital gift cards, and all temperature wax for the adventurers out there servicing their own snow sports equipment!


Thanks again for visiting Waxing, Tuning & Repairs at Flight Snowboards.

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