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Custom Snowboards

Custom Designed Snowboard
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How It Works

Custom Snowboards that are designed to suit your riding style, personality and everything you! At Flight Snowboards we strive to offer our clients unmatched customer service and range of custom snowboard options. With both of our company designed and fully customized snowboards for sale we offer something for all snowboarding enthusiasts. Although this page is intended to introduce you to our custom design options, we encourage you to visit our additional information page to learn more about our Flight Stabiliser Magnetic Edge system, construction of our snowboards, as well as our informative snowboard size guide and custom snowboard image requirements.

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Choose Your Shape

Round Nose Tail

  • Traditional Snowboard Shape

  • Great all rounder anywhere on the mountain

Blunt & Tapered Blunt Nose Tail

  • Greater control (Less swing weight)

  • Can ride a board a few cm smaller while maintaining the same effective edge of a larger round nose board

Fish Tail, Swallowtail, Tapered & Wide Nose 


  • Directional powder board

  • Keeps weight center on your back foot

  • Effortlessly floats in deep snow


  • Deeper heel side cut allows for easier and more responsive heel turns

  • Popular park style boards due to improved manoeuvrability

Image by Fabian Schneider

Choose Your Custom Snowboard Profile

Camber - Traditional Profile 

  • Excels at faster riding, offers better edge hold, stability and control in hard pack and icy conditions

Rocker - Reverse Camber

  • Better float in powder & a more forgiving, catch-free ride overall

Hybrid - Rocker / Camber

  • Combines both rocker & camber profiles for smooth rider with good edge hold


Flat - Flat to Rocker

  • Mainly flat profile with minimal elevation in the edges. good for rail slides and bombing hills

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Add Graphics

Do you have any graphic designs or ideas that you think will look great on a snowboard? Provide us with your high resolution images for the topsheet and base so that we can help to bring your snowboard design to life!

For printed images, the ideal resolution is 300 dpi for images and 400 dpi for text at the final printed size.  Images saved with the CMYK colour model will have the best results. Where possible, we suggest providing your images in vector format. If you are unsure of the quality of your custom images we are happy to assist in helping you achieve your desired results.

Your Logo
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Choose Your Flex

Providing you with the full range of snowboarding flex options we have got you covered for all riding styles. Generally, we recommend a softer flex between 1 and 4 for all park / freestyle riding, suiting butters, spins and jibs. Secondly, flex ratings between 4 and 6 suit snowboarders who enjoy all areas of the mountain. Finally, the higher ratings on the flex chart cater to the back country free-riders whom love hard carving and riding aggresively

Image by Patrick Hodskins

Size Chart

This snowboard size chart is to be used as a guide when deciding which board size best suits your needs.