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What's in a shape? A quick guide to our 11 custom snowboard shapes

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Navigating all the different snowboard shapes can be a bit of a minefield. We've put together this quick guide to help summarise why you might pick any of our 11 different shapes.

Remember, if you have any questions hit us up at @flightsnowboards or here.

Round Nose

A round nose snowboard offers several advantages, including excellent versatility in a range of conditions, improved manoeuvrability, smoother turn initiation, and a forgiving feel for riders. This shape excels in a variety of scenarios and allows for effortless carving while maintaining stability and control.

Versatility Rating: 8/10

Blunt Nose

A blunt nose snowboard provides advantages such as increased stability at high speeds, improved control in variable conditions, and enhanced surface area for better floatation in powder. The squared-off tip design also lends itself to freestyle riding, making it easier to perform tricks, land jumps, and navigate features in the terrain park. Overall, a blunt nose shape offers a versatile blend of stability, control, and freestyle performance.

Versatility Rating: 9/10

Tapered Blunt

Less versatile than a blunt nose but with the added benefit of providing better float in powder. The reduced surface area in the tail assists in keeping the nose elevated, helping your back leg get fatigued less quickly. A great all-mountain shape that excels in powder more so than a true all mountain board.

Versatility Rating: 6/10

Fish Tail

Japow anyone ? This shape had even more taper than our tapered blunt shape, meaning the width at the widest point on the nose is noticeable wider than the widest point at the tail. The surface area in the tail is more significantly reduced with its fish tail inspired shape. this board is still versatile but is really at home in powder. Given the shape, this board does not love being ridden switch.

Versatility Rating: 5/10

Big Swallow Tail

If you want as much assistance as possible to ride powder all day long, then this is the shape for you. The massive swallow tail cut out in the tail will help keep that nose elevated for effortless powder float. Surfy and fun, this board loves deep conditions.

Versatility Rating: 3/10

Pitched Swallow Tail

Less taper than our Big Swallow Tail shape but a deeper cutout at the tail. The reduced taper of the Pitched Swallow tail adds back in some of the all-mountain versatility that is lacking form the Big Swallow Tail. For the rider who gravitates toward powder but still wants to maintain a degree of versatility.

Versatility Rating: 5/10

Blunt Swallow Tail

A true hybrid shape. Our Blunt Swallow Tail snowboard combines the advantages of a squared-off tip for stability and freestyle performance with the enhanced powder floatation and manoeuvrability of a swallow tail. This design excels in powder conditions by providing excellent buoyancy, easy turn initiation, and quick edge-to-edge transitions. The combination of the two shapes results in a versatile board suitable for both powder and all-mountain riding, with added stability and a unique aesthetic appeal. An absolute team favourite shape !

Versatility Rating: 6/10

Blunt Small Round Tail

This shape is similar to the Blunt Swallow Tail in the sense that its tries to combine multiple shapes to achieve a best of both worlds result. This is a directional board and only has a small cut out in the tail. This board doesn't mind powder, but really loves resort riding and the varied terrain and features that you find all over a resort.

Versatility Rating: 7/10

Tapered Directional

The benefits of a tapered directional snowboard shape include improved powder performance, enhanced stability at high speeds, effortless turn initiation, and a versatile ride in various terrains. This shape's narrower tail and wider nose offer superior floatation in powder while maintaining control and agility, making it an ideal choice for riders who prioritise powder and all-mountain riding. Better at handling switch riding than its close cousin, the Fish Tail shape.

Versatility Rating: 6/10


Probably the most unique and visually striking shape available. The benefits of an asymmetrical snowboard shape include improved edge control, enhanced carving performance, reduced fatigue, and a more natural riding experience. This shape caters to the rider's natural stance and enhances manoeuvrability, making it easier to carve and transition between turns. Asymmetrical designs are particularly beneficial for freestyle riders and those seeking precise control and comfort on the slopes.Boards with asymmetric sidecuts have both a shorter, and deeper, more pronounced heel side sidecut. Again, this helps with tighter heel side turns and improved manoeuvrability.

Versatility Rating: 8/10

Wide Nose Directional

The benefits of a wide nose directional snowboard include enhanced floatation in powder, improved stability, better stability during turns, and increased confidence in challenging terrain. The wide nose design helps the board stay on top of deep snow, providing superior performance in powder conditions. This shape also offers stability at higher speeds and greater control during turns, making it suitable for all-mountain riding. Additionally, the wide nose contributes to a more stable and confident ride in variable snow conditions, making it an excellent choice for riders seeking versatility and control.

Versatility Rating: 7/10

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