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Product Spotlight: Flight Snowboards Bindings

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Our bindings are a rock solid choice for all types of snowboarding. We designed these with maximum versatility in mind as well as all day riding comfort.

Our Ergoflex ankle and toe straps keep you locked in whilst spreading pressure out over large surface area to maximise comfort. The toe strap can be run as either a 'cap' over the top and front of your toe (recommended) or a more old school 'over the top' toe strap. both straps have tool free hardware, meaning our can easily make adjustments even if you don't have a screwdriver handy.

The baseplate and disc both contain a blend of nylon and fibreglass to provide response but also some flex for all-day riding comfort. The highback is a medium flex for all round versatility.

We've elected to use an aluminium alloy for our heel cup. We did this due to its lightweights as a material and bombproof durability. Aluminium alloy has very little flex which helps with response and turn initiation.

Our footbeds are a medium density EVA foam footbed to help with vibration and impact absorption.

We can customise your bindings, our logo can be changed to your own design.

Your Style - Your Design - Your Ride!

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