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Product Spotlight: Flight Snowboards Asymmetrical Hybrid

Asymmetrical snowboards have been gaining traction in recent years, revolutionising the way riders carve through the snow. Unlike traditional symmetrical boards, which are identical on both the toe and heel edges, asymmetrical boards feature distinct designs for each edge, catering to the unique biomechanics of snowboarding. Flight Snowboards is Western Australia's first and only snowboard brand are we're excited to launch our new shape for Winter 2024.


  1. Differential Sidecuts: Asymmetrical boards boast varying sidecut radii on the heel and toe edges. This means that the curvature of the board is tailored to the natural movements and weight distribution of a rider's body, enhancing control and precision during turns.

  2. Core Flex Patterns: The core of an asymmetrical snowboard is often designed with different flex patterns on each side, accommodating the differing forces exerted by the rider's heels and toes. This promotes a more balanced and responsive ride, particularly when transitioning between turns.

  3. Stance-Specific Design: Manufacturers craft asymmetrical boards with the rider's stance in mind, aligning the shape and features to optimise performance based on regular or goofy footedness. This personalised approach ensures that riders can harness their full potential on the mountain.


  1. Enhanced Manoeuvrability: By tailoring the board's shape to the rider's biomechanics, asymmetrical designs offer unparalleled manoeuvrability and agility on the slopes. Riders can effortlessly initiate turns and maintain control, even on challenging terrain.

  2. Improved Edge Hold: The differential sidecuts of asymmetrical snowboards provide superior edge hold, allowing riders to carve with confidence on icy or variable conditions. This stability translates to smoother rides and greater stability at higher speeds.

  3. Reduced Fatigue: Thanks to their ergonomic design, asymmetrical boards help minimise fatigue by optimising energy transfer and reducing strain on the body. Riders can spend more time carving up the mountain without sacrificing comfort or performance.

  4. Progressive Performance: Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, asymmetrical snowboards cater to riders of all skill levels. Their intuitive design promotes skill development and encourages progression, making them an ideal choice for riders looking to push their limits.

In conclusion, the asymmetrical snowboard shape represents a paradigm shift in snowboarding technology, offering a blend of performance, comfort, and innovation. By embracing these cutting-edge designs, riders can unlock new levels of control and enjoyment on the mountain, carving their way to unforgettable experiences with every turn. Only $649 on its own or $899 in our famous FlightPack with Flight Snowboard bindings.

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